1) What are the cash advances and payday loans?
Itís a small, short-term loan that is implied to reimburse your expenses until next pay day. There are so many names for payday loans: cash advances, payroll advances, deferred deposit loans, payday advances, paycheck advances and etc.

Usually, people use payday loans to cover some unexpected expenses, like, for example, bills, and to avoid extra penalties for not prompt payments. Using our services you may get up to 1500$ loan at a time. You are able to apply for a payday loan on-line and get your cash direct to your checking or savings account the same day or the next business day.

2) What can a payday loan be used for?
Normally, customers get a payday loan or cash advance to cover some unexpected expenses, such as bills, holidays, presents, medicines and so ever. You donít have to tell us the purpose of the loan!

3) How much can I receive?
When you get a payday loan for the first time we can grant up to 1000$ loan at a time. As soon as your information provided in application will be approved and the agreement between you and a specified lender will be singed, you will get required funds directly to your account. After successful repayment of the first pay day loan, you can get another loan, but now the amount granted may reach 1500$.

4) How are fees established?
Our fees are advantageous and are charged in accordance with all relevant state and federal laws. The fee may vary from 25$ to 35$ per 100$ borrowed. It is usually 75$-90$ fee for 300$ loan.

5) What about qualifying?
Itís much easier to get an on-line payday loan or cash advance than to get it from a conventional bank. Eligibility requirement are not that strict. Here they are:
1) You must be currently employed.
2) Your monthly income should be not less than 1000$.
3) You a U.S. citizen who are 18 or over.
4) You should have checking or savings account with direct deposit option.
If you meet these requirements, you are welcome to get a payday loan or cash advance with LoansAssist.Net

6) What is the procedure to apply for payday loans online?
The procedure is absolutely easy. It includes 2 steps:
1) Filling in the application, submitting it and getting approval from a lender;
2) Checking your account for cash;
You will get your cash the same day or next business day.

7) What do I have to fill in application form?
A payday loan application form requires information concerning your name and address, employment, bank account details, and picture identification.

8) Is my application and financial information secured?
We highly respect our customers and their desire to protect personal information. Please, feel free to get acquainted with our Privacy policy available on our website. To maintain the safety of your personal information we use a variety of security measures. All sensitive information transmitted between your browser and our website uses 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

Is there an application fee?
There are no concealed fees. We do not charge any fees for filling in the application.

10) Does the online form obligate me to taking out a loan?
No. By filling in our online application form you only express a wish for your information being approved by our agents and to be contacted to discuss your options. Our customer service will be glad to answer all your questions. You may withdraw your request at this time. If you consent to the terms proposed by a lender, you may confirm your information and officially agree to terms with any of our agents

What if I have bad credit?
Poor credit history is not a hindrance on the way of getting a payday loan or cash advance. Our friendly gents will continue to work with you, even if you have already been turned down by other lenders.

12) Iím a tenant Ė is this a problem?
It doesnít matter to the lender whether you are a tenant or a homeowner.

13) Do I need to fax my details?
We provide on-line application form, so, you donít need to fax anything. A lending company gets all necessary information instantly.

14) Can I have more than one payday loan at the same time?
No. You have to reimburse the previous payday loan, in order to get another one.


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