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Favorable conditions for payday lending firms in South Dakota

A lot of payday lending companies are available in South Dakota, as the State legislation concerning payday loan operations is much softer than in other States. A loan amount can’t exceed $500. No law provides maximum and minimum terms of lending in South Dakota. That means that payday lenders can set any repayment periods they like. Due to a small amount of limitations, payday loans can be easily borrowed in the State.

The Banking Division is the State body that issues licenses to payday lenders of South Dakota, which allows them offer their services legally. In order to receive a license, a lending company should provide its name, physical address and surety bond. This bond is a kind of guarantee to borrowers, which shows that they are dealing with a secure and reliable lending firm.

The maximum amount of a payday credit which is allowed to be given is $500 in South Dakota. Moreover, a loan can be renewed in case that all the financial charges are paid off till the renewal of a contract. Both the contract and all additional information regarding the lending transaction should be provided to a customer in written form. It is also to be clearly understandable to a borrower.

A payday lender in South Dakota is required to cash a check given by his client not earlier than the date stated in the contract. A lending bargain can be cancelled within one day after concluding an agreement. Financial charges and interest rates are not limited by any restrictions in the State.

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