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Payday lending companies in Oregon

There are a great amount of payday lending companies operating in the State of Oregon, so it is not difficult to get a payday loan here. You may usually find offices of such firms in any malls. You can apply for a loan either in the office or via the internet. The requested sum of money will be transferred to your account immediately and you will be able to withdraw it in 24 hours. Moreover, you can use lending services of and receive cash quickly.

There is no strict legislation regulating payday lending business in Oregon. However, several laws are controlling payday lending activities. A loan can be granted for a period not more than 2 months. There are no limitations on percentage rates for payday loans. But a loan amount together with all rates and financial fees is required to be less than 25% of a customer’s net monthly income.

The scale of payday lending business is increasing year after year and there is huge demand for these services in the State. Near 453 payday lenders are operating in Oregon at present.

Application process at is really simple. You can complete the application form online. It is easy to find any information about payday loans in the website. It doesn’t share your personal details with other lending companies. You can be sure that its services are very effective and reliable. Visit today and get your payday loan without problems.

If you are looking for the data about payday lending companies of Oregon, you may apply to or call the State Attorney General. Payday lending industry is controlled by the State authorities. A lot of payday lenders have been already deprived of their licenses, as they were operating against the law regarding licenses and registration procedures. These companies are prohibited to provide their loans in Oregon anymore. For example, in February 2002 the illegal payday lending firm from Bend, which was operating without license, was penalized by the Department of Justice of Oregon.

It was revealed that the company had been engaged in criminal prosecution of the customers who defaulted of loan repayments in order to make a higher profit. In addition, the payday lender was establishing extremely high financial charges for the loans. The interest rates were ranging from 400% to 500%. What is unusual is that 153 loans were granted by this firm under such usury conditions. Since that time it is unable to offer its services to the Oregon borrowers any longer.

We advise you to make sure that you borrow payday loans from a secure and reputable lender. You may not worry when applying through Our firm complies with the legislation in all aspects and deal with the customers fairly and respectfully.