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payday loan in Washington

Unexpected emergencies can happen to everybody once in life. is an excellent way out of these situations. We can spend all our money and don’t have any cash available in order to solve urgent financial problems. You can get rid of all the stress you might experience by resorting to help. As soon as you fill in an application form via the internet, the necessary sum of money will be transferred to your bank account.

Payday lending companies are free to operate in the State of Washington. The maximum payday loan’s sum that can be given to a borrower is $700. Actually this amount is pretty high when comparing with other US States. The lending period is limited with 45 days. Under the Washington legislation the annual percentage rate for a payday loan shouldn’t exceed 390%. A loan making up less than $500 is charged with 15%. A loan which sum ranges from $500 to $700 can be imposed to 10% interest rate.

In case you live in Washington, you won’t experience any difficulties with finding an appropriate payday lender for you. In fact, over 700 payday lending firms are providing their services in the State at present.

You may probably appear in the situation when urgent money is strongly needed to pay unexpected bills or cover some other losses. is able to solve these problems by offering its loans to Washington citizens. You will get the requested loan immediately without being subjected to any financial complications. You are allowed to pay off the loan after receiving your next salary. Nothing difficult, right? By applying for a loan at, the necessary cash will become available to you without inconveniences.

You can face with financial emergencies and unpredictable expenses every day. When it happens to you, don’t worry, as there is an easy way out of all the difficulties. The simplest option is to request for a payday loans at You will be able to satisfy all your necessities with the granted cash. All you need is to visit our website and apply for a loan. The application procedure is rather quickly and easy. You will spend several minutes to point out all the necessary details.

Code 31.45.010 is the main law of Washington that regulates and monitors payday lending industry, and particularly payday loans making up $500 and less which are provided for one month. In order to have a legal right to set up this kind of business, a lender is required to grant a bond to the local authorities and pay a registration fee. After the Financial Institutions’ Department has approved the candidate’s application, he will be charged with monthly fees in order to keep a company open. The legislators of Washington pay special attention to such conditions of payday loans as sum, fees and repayment periods.

Payday borrowers can be maximally charged with interest rate of 15%. Consequently, the maximum annual percentage rate amounts 390%.

Every payday loans is required to be given for not more than 31 days.

The limit of the maximum loan amount to be offered to a customer makes up $500. It implies that a borrower can receive just this amount from the same lender at one time.

In order to establish own payday lending company in Washington, a person is required to have a license. All the lender’s customers are to be familiar with the license. In addition, a payday lending firm should put the list with all financial charges implied on its borrowers at a noticeable place.